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Our Experts' Reports

We thank our generous donors for funding our experts. 

(Please thank Audubon Florida for our ecologist's report and testimony.) 

Ecologist's Report:

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 8.47.48 AM.png

Planners' Presentation and CVs.



(to download):

Max Forgey:

Tom Atkins:

Hurricane Evacuation Report:

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 6.17.08 PM.png

Map and Archaeological Report :


Traffic Engineer's Presentation and Report:

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 8.18.51 AM.png

CV and relevant papers authored by our attorney, Ralf Brookes:

Memorandum of Law: Bert Harris Act:

All Plan Amendments Are Now Legislative Decisions


To view the August 15th PZA hearing video on GTV, click the photo below, then click on Item 7 on the left-hand column.

Note the sea of white shirts indicating opposition to development. The attendance apparently set a record (400+) despite a rain storm, an inconvenient mid-August date and the fact that the hearing was advisory only. The rapid pace of delivery by our experts and president was due to our presentation time being severely cut, minutes before the hearing. The efforts of Gate's attorney to slash our presentation time underscores  the power of our arguments. Given how weak the arguments for development, her best strategy was to limit the number of facts put forth by Save Guana Now.

Our attorney and experts begin speaking at the 2:47:30 mark.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 11.01.31
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