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Raise awareness with our bumper stickers! 

Choose from 5 designs:

Help spread awareness for the animals we're striving to protect at the Outpost and surrounding Wildlife Management Area. Minimum donation $5 per sticker, to help pay legal costs of fighting development of the Outpost -  99 acres of conservation land that shares almost its entire border with Guana preserve. (Thank you to in Lake City for donating the owl bumper stickers. Awesome job on all of of our printing! And of course, thank you to Craig O'Neal who generously allowed us to use his stunning nature photography on our bumper stickers.) 

Pay here, and let us know which sticker(s) you'd like! Get one for each car! 

If you prefer to pay by check, send it to: Save Guana Now   P.O. Box 2111, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  32004

Spoonbill 4 x 6"

Eagle  4 x 6"

Gopher Tortoise 4 x 6"

Owl 5 x 6"

Nightmare 4 x 12"


Click here to let us know which sticker(s) you've selected. $5 minimum donation per sticker.

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