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Our Advertising

We dedicate this page to our generous donors

who made this critical communication to the public possible. 

Full page ads in the St. Augustine Record:

Seven insertions: Three Fridays, August 2, 9, September 13; Four Sundays, August 4, 11, September 8, 15    Copy varied to reflect upcoming Public Hearing dates and times.

Please click on ad to enlarge.

One insertion, Sunday, September 22, 2019

Please click on ad to enlarge.

save or pave.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 10.26.35

Full page ad, back of Ponte Vedra Recorder, Sept. 12:

Our four bumper stickers

(Photography by Craig O'Neal on stickers, yard signs,

and egret photo above.)

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 5.43.08 PM.png
spoonbill sticker.png
SGN tortoise sticker final.png
owl bumper sticker final.png

Our yard signs:

osprey nest sign_edited.png
SGN sticker eagle photo credit.png
gary me sgn.png
Stay wild banner.png
Heron yard sign.png
Conservation yard sign.png
Sophie sign.png
No development yard sign.png

Our banners:


Photo credit: Graham McGeorge

banner wider.jpg
banner cancelled .jpeg

Our mailers.

We sent thousands of 6" x 9" EDDM mailers throughout St. Johns County prior to the August 15 PZA hearing, and again, prior to the September 17 BOCC hearing. We emphasized different points for different geographical areas. Below are the two sides of our south county mailer.

EDDM-Postcard-Version 3 Front.jpg
EDDM-Postcard-Verison 3 Back.jpg
stacks of mailers SGN.jpg

Our ad that never ran.

Thousands of stickers were printed by the St. Augustine Record, to be placed on the front page of every newspaper  on Sept. 16, the day before the scheduled Board of County Commissioners hearing. The Ponte Vedra Corporation withdrew its request for a comprehensive plan change on September 13, and the stickers were never used - and hopefully never will be.

save the outpost tomorrow sticker.png

Our sticker that was never worn.

Anticipating a way-over-capacity crowd to attend the September 17 BOCC hearing (as occurred August 15 for the PZA), we printed stickers for people to wear - to ensure their attendance was known and counted, even if they couldn't be seated in the main auditorium. 


Our online advertising.

digital ad sgn.jpg

One of our mass mailings.

Sadly, we had to kill a tree

to save a lot of trees.

Hopefully this was all recycled...

Our flyers.

Our flyers were frequently modified and updated. 

They have been downloadable here. We are currently not distributing or posting flyers.

save guana now flyer replace.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 9.17.09 AM.png
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