Legal documents related to Ponte Vedra Corporation's lawsuit against St. Johns County over Outpost property

Timeline for PVC's legal and administrative actions and St. John's County's responses (click to enlarge).

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St. Johns County Staff sent a strongly-worded report to Ponte Vedra Corporation with numerous obstacles to development.

An August 1, 2017 report informed PVC that a comprehensive plan amendment

will be required as well as numerous other stipulations. View document:


Five months later on January 5, 2018, St. Johns County Staff sent a response to

PVC regarding their Motion to Lift Abatement. View it here:

January 25, 2018, Judge Traynor's Order. He grants PVC's Motion to Lift  the Abatement.  View it here:

March 15, 2018, St. Johns County's Motion to Dismiss Ponte Vedra Corporation's case against the county. View it here:

December 11, 2018, Judge Traynor's ruling denying Ponte Vedra Corporation's Motion for Partial Summary Judgement. View it here:

April 16, 2019, The Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of Ponte Vedra Corporation's proposed Settlement Agreement. No concessions or compromises were made by the county. This agreement formalized the loss of PVC's lawsuit against the county and set up the normal process for a landowner seeking a change in use. View the Settlement Agreement here: 

All application documents for Ponte Vedra Corporation's proposed plan to develop the Outpost can be accessed here:

September 13th letter from Gate Lands President Drew Frick to County Commission Chair Paul Waldron cancelling September 13, 2019 hearing.

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