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Save Guana Now.org

Welcome to Neck Road, home of wild boars, 

water moccasins, pygmy rattlers, diamondback rattlers, alligators and coyotes. 


     St.  Johns     County 


Photo by Graham McGeorge

Like and follow this page to find out which candidates 

will take back St. Johns County from developers and which ones will sell us down the river (and pollute it along the way).

Make tracks to St. Augustine tonight!

Time for a change. Vote for  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.  

Buh-bye $5 parking at the beach!

It was voted down 5-0.   :-)

Jimmy Johns voted pro-developer more often than any other county commissioner during his time in office.

Time for a change. Vote for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.  

Temporarily Out of Stock

Photo by Craig O'Neal

What everyone else sees.

No development

at the Outpost.

For three years, Save Guana Now was

given permission to repost on the

"Protect Guana" Facebook page.

That page changed hands and is now generating posts we do not endorse.

Please unlike and unfollow that page.

Its calls to action and other content run counter to our efforts, and the new contributor has taken harmful action against Save Guana Now.  








National Estuaries Week

Email the county:

Classic Title

Save Guana Now.

And forever.


Secrets of

The Bonsai Collector

How to find a future bonsai and turn it into an ancient bonsai

Secrets of

The Bonsai Collector

By Joseph McCoy

Photo by Craig O'Neal

Be a hero to a heron.

Save Guana Now.org

Conservation means conservation!

Bobcat habitat







Ponte Vedra Beach may be the only beach in the entire state that does not have a beach renourishment program, after being hit hard by two Cat 3 hurricanes. We've been waiting patiently for the county to allocate funding so that state matching dollars can be requested. There are federal dollars awaiting for us too, but so far, we've barely gotten the ball rolling at the county level.  Please write emails and make calls to our county commissioners and let them know we need $1.2 million allocated per year to our beaches. After all, Ponte Vedra Beach supplies 40% of the county's tax revenues. All we're asking is .125% of the annual budget to maintain our single most important natural resource: our beach. Our entire tourism industry relies on it, and so do we.  Let the county know the time is NOW to allocate badly-needed dollars to our precious but shrinking beach. 

Photo by Craig O'Neal





 Stop Dream Finders' nightmare. 

Save Guana Now.org

  Dream Finders' nightmare?   Or Herb Peyton Preserve?

Save Guana Now

Save Guana Now

Don't let Gate punch

a hole in Guana.

Save or pave?



Let Gate know June 24th at their

Open House at Ponte Vedra Library, 6 PM.



66 homes



Purchase of the 100-acre Outpost property

was funded in part

by St. Johns County.

We thank the

2019 Board of County Commissioners

for their vision, leadership and commitment to preservation of valuable ecological habitat.

Jeremiah Blocker

Henry Dean

James Johns

Jeb Smith

Paul Waldron

Other factors being equal, geotubes do not differ substantially from concrete, steel, or stone structures in their impact on the beaches. When they are covered with sand and used for dune restoration, the sand covering is often quickly removed by wind or waves and the bags may be exposed after the first significant storm. 

Save Guana Now.org

Home sweet habitat.

11 Roseate Spoonbills

Close the gate on the destruction of conservation land.

Public Hearing Aug. 15!

 Save Guana Now.org

Dear Senators Hatch and Lee

of UTAH,

Removing federal protection from the endangered FLORIDA panther will mean extinction.

 Save Guana Now.org 

Action Alert

Squeaky wheel gets the grease. 

Silent wheel gets 66 houses on conservation land.

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