Eat your words, Mr. Phillips. Eat your pictures too.

The sand blew off the Geotubes in Ponte Vedra just like N.E.S.T. predicted, but we never predicted the Geotube homeowners would not replenish the sand like they promised.   Here's what Geotube homeowner Scott Phillip's emailed to N.E.S.T. in 2019, copying all five county commissioners (and 61 residents):  

"In the event the sand cover on the Geotubes is eroded, it will be replaced and re-vegetated promptly." 

Phillips vilified N.E.S.T. to the commissioners with this description of two photos below.  "...a comparison of what the public will actually see in front of our homes as compared to what you [N.E.S.T.] want them to believe." 

What we're seeing now is far WORSE than "NEST's Vision."



The exposed Geotubes and the 10-ft. escarpments are an eyesore,

a safety hazard, and the whole mess is out of compliance. 

DEP doesn't care. FWC doesn't care. The county doesn't care. If they expect us to live with this for six months this year, then what about next year when the sand blows off again? And the year after that?

                   Does anybody give a damn? 

This cover was custom-made for our Standard grate with Tudor finials which add 5" to the height of the grate - and to the cover.

Viewing the custom cover from the side, you can see how it matches

the shape of the Texas Fireframe grate. Shown in black and in the heavier of two weights. It's easy to order direct from the manufacturer using  the instructions provided above.  This cover was about $40. 

Photo by Graham McGeorge



Photo by Craig O'Neal

Photo by Craig O'Neal





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