Senator Hutson wrote a bill that lets people release an unlimited number of "biodegradable" balloons that kill sea turtles.

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Why is Senator Hutson so out of touch with what his constituents want and what our environment needs?

Gerry James will fight for Florida. And its wildlife.


For St. Johns County Commission, District 2

I fought for my country.
Now, I'm fighting for my county.

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Vote  for Chuck, August 23rd
Republican Primary. 
Stop overdevelopment.

Paid for by Charles "Chuck" Labanowski Republican Candidate for St. Johns County Commissioner District 2

NO to uncontrolled
NO to new taxes
NO to mass tree clearing


"Commissioner Arnold's first official act was to approve 5600 homes we don't want or need. She's heavily funded by developers and does not represent our best interests."

90% of all sea turtle nests in the U.S. are in Florida.
Of the 7 species worldwide, 
5 nest in our state.

Loggerhead                       Green                             Leatherback                      Hawksbill                     Kemps Ridley

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Four are at serious risk of extinction.

Balloons are the #3 cause of death to sea turtles of all marine debris.*


The Ocean Conservancy reported 6,000 balloons picked up so far in Florida in 2021 - double the number found in 2020 - and that's a small fraction of total balloons recovered in Florida. Marine Turtle surveyors pick up anywhere from 10-30 balloons per day in Miami-Dade County alone, according to Ana Zangroniz, Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent.

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Plastic (mylar) balloons never decompose.             "Biodegradable" balloons can take years to decompose while their

The number of balloons found in Florida                ribbons that strangle wildlife remain intact. If they reach 30,000 ft.,

has already doubled this year vs. last year.*            they explode and resemble jellyfish - the diet of sea turtles.  One                                                                            study (Lutz) found that when presented small pieces (approx. 1cm2)                                                                          of colored latex, young loggerhead sea turtles actively swam toward                                                                         and ingested these pieces.





Fight for our land. Fight for our water. Fight for our quality of life.  Join the cause, and help preserve what we love about St. Johns County.

Photo by Graham McGeorge


Look what's happened since Commissioner               Blocker voted YES to developing
            undeveloped land 97% of the time.



MORE crowded schools


  MORE clear-cutting




Source: Board of County Commissioners 

meeting minutes and agendas, Dec. 4, 2018-

Jan. 1, 2022 (first 3 years of his 4-year term).

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Look what's happened since Commissioner Blocker voted YES 97% of the time - allowing building                       on undeveloped land. 


MORE crowded schools


MORE clear-cutting


We need a senator who works for us, not for builders.

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Gerry James will fight for Florida.

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Senator Hutson tried to abolish all of Florida's
Soil and Water Conservation Districts.
When that failed, he fired their
scientists and naturalists.


Why is a developer writing disastrous bills for our environment?
We need a senator who works for us, not for The Hutson Companies.

Gerry James will fight for Florida, and he'll take on the developers.   August 23rd primary  

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More of this.

Less of this.

Fight for
  St. Johns

Take our county back
from the developers.



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Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 12.36.08 AM.png

For County Commissioner, District 4

For County Commissioner, District 1

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krista keating joseph.jpg

Krista Keating-Joseph is a Gold Star Mom who
lost her Navy SEAL son in a firefight with ISIS. 


Chuck Labanowski is a former Marine who received 4 medals of distinction in Viet Nam.

These two candidates know all about service,

and they're only accountable to you, the voters.

Krista's opponent, Jeremiah Blocker, has voted 44 times to approve developments totaling 7,452 acres in St. Johns County. He also wants to raise our sales tax 15% to cover the infrastructure costs of so many developments.

Chuck's opponent, Sarah Arnold, voted for 5600 homes in her first act as commissioner. She's close friends with the developer, Senator Travis Hutson, and she wants to raise our sales tax to pay for his park and roads.

Vote in the August 23rd Republican Primary.

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5600 homes

Stop the Silverleaf Expansion

May 17, 9 a.m. 

bulldozer construction.JPG

  25 years of construction. 

Fight it May 17th.
We can win.

May 17th, our county commissioners vote yes or no on the Silverleaf Expansion.  There are already 10,700 approved homes for Silverleaf, and only 900 have been built!   We don't want another 5600 homes. The traffic is bad enough now.

Kids are in portable classrooms.  Beach parking is impossible. Write your county commissioners. Say no to the Silverleaf expansion. Most important, show up at the hearing, 9 a.m., 500 San Sebastian View, St. Augustine on May 17.  Just off Phillips Highway.



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Quid Pro Quo


Put a stop To out-of-control development

in our county.

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Senator Travis Hutson is one of the biggest developers in St. Johns County.  But his 10,700-home Silverleaf development isn't enough for him. He wants 5600 more homes. His company gives massive donations to enough county commissioners to influence a majority to vote for his projects. 

He also uses his senate seat to create bills that benefit his business, while claiming no conflict of interest.

We need a senator who's working for us, not for The Hutson Companies.

Gerry James will fight for Florida.   August 23rd primary



Senator Travis Hutson tried to pass a law to make it much harder for home buyers to sue for construction flaws.
And he's a developer!


He wants 5600 more homes in our county, yet  he tried to push through a law that would severely restrict a homeowner's ability to sue for construction flaws.

We need a senator who works for us,
not for The Hutson Companies.

Gerry James will fight for Florida.   August 23rd 

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Take St. Johns County back from the developers. 

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"Commissioner Blocker promised lower taxes, and now he wants a 15% increase in the sales tax to help fund infra- structure for his big donors' big developments. That's who I'm up against. Please join my fight for St. Johns County."


Photo by Craig O'Neal


Krista Keating-Joseph for County Commissioner District 4

"My opponent, Commissioner Blocker, voted YES to 27 out of 28 developments from 2018 to 2021. That's 6,878 total acres he voted to develop. Who does he work for anyway?"

It's time for a new county commissioner for District 4 in St. Johns County.


krista keating joseph.jpg

Vote for Krista in the August 23rd primary

Please visit my website.

Paid for by Elect Krista Keating-Joseph Republican for St. Johns County Commissioner District 4

We need to fill the room to make a difference!

Please come May 17th at 9 a.m. 

500 San Sebastian View, St. Augustine (auditorium)

Our County Commissioners, past and present, have approved 61,000 homes that are not yet built. And now, they want to add another 5600 homes - and we haven't even experienced the traffic of the 61,000 homes yet!


On top of that, St. Johns County's Commissioners are asking you to tax yourself for ten years to fix the traffic and other problems that all this development has brought us - development we never asked for. 

How about saying "NO" to the developers instead?


Respectfully tell the Commissioners how you feel about the Silverleaf Expansion in emails AND in person.;;;   Or copy them into an email from this list (scroll down):

Verify the final time and date on Facebook here: 

Stop the Silverleaf Expansion!

Photo by Craig O'Neal

Hey Senator Hutson!

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This is for proposing a bill to allow an unlimited number of "biodegradable" balloons to be released in Florida, even though it can take years for balloons to biodegrade.  Sea turtles eat them and die. 
Killing endangered species is obscene.